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As the world’s leading logistics company, DHL is always on the forefront of innovation and were looking for a solution to seamlessly connect it with its customers. In partnering with Fusionex, the invention of DHLontheGo introduced a new way of placing overseas shipment via WhatsApp as its AI-powered chatbot is capable of intelligently guiding DHL’s customers throughout the entire process. With enhanced accessibility to on-demand logistics services, their users were able to book international shipping at any time, from any place, thus, delivering value for the customer in terms of convenience and time saving.

Ultimately, DHL could leverage on automation to help process shipments more efficiently and avail to themselves of the insights generated to serve their customers better. Furthermore, the inclusion of AI-based marketing served to boost traffic to the platform and generate more shipment and revenue than previously possible.

Sin Chew Daily SME Conference 2020 ft. Fusionex MD Jacob Isaac

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